Magic in London & Paris

Last week, I flew across the Atlantic with the RAC crew to play two live shows in London and Paris. I had visited each city once before, just for fun. However, roaming the cities with the band and crew and playing rock concerts in a packed venues made for a totally new experience.

We played our first show of the year in Shoreditch, London at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. It had completely sold out! As I looked out into the crowd and saw huge smiles on everyone’s faces, it was clear that everybody, including us, was having a great time. I loved getting to meet all of the people that stuck around after the show, and was blown away by how friendly and kind everyone was. I truly hope we get to come back soon.

The next night, as we walked out onstage at La Maroquinerie in Paris, I knew it was going to be a fun show. The venue is set up like a small stadium, with several rows of steps cascading into the main floor, creating the illusion of a mini-sea of people. The audience’s energy that night was electric. They sang along to almost all of the songs, and I love how they went nuts when Karl sang Repeating Motion, one of RAC’s new singles.

A highlight for me at both shows was getting to sing our cover of 1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins. I always love singing the first line, Shakedown 1979, and seeing people’s faces just light up. The Pumpkins were one of my favorite bands growing up, and singing that song is just magic for me, and surely nostalgic for many.

To top off the trip, one of our friends that attended the show just happened to be DJing at a Paris Fashion Week party later that night, and invited us to come along! This was one of those opportunities that just couldn’t be passed up. We spent the rest of the night dancing among some of the most interesting, edgy, fashionable people I’ve ever seen in real life. I felt extremely ordinary in comparison, but so utterly cool just for being there.

Next stop is Austin, TX for the South by Southwest Music Festival! Bring on the warm weather… and the tacos.

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