“Lights… Camera… “

Okay, no one actually said that. “Aaannnnd now!” was a little more like it. And so began the music video shoot for RAC’s Cheap Sunglasses.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 1.29.34 PM

Arriving on set was a bit bizarre. It was made to look like a scene in a house party, except it was filled with mannequins instead of real people. Stylists were bustling around, trying different outfits and wigs on each mannequin, while the camera and lighting crew set up tents, rails, and screens so that the light and camera angles would be just right.

I was immediately sent to a dressing room to get outfitted. The main stylist had about ten ensembles to show me, though he admitted he was really hoping I’d pick his first choice- a skin-tight, strappy, black leather, biker mini-dress. I was skeptical until I tried it on. It looked awesome. He then asked me how comfortable I was walking in heels, because he was really excited to show me the pair he had found. Now, these weren’t just any heels. They were strappy, platform, six-inch giant L.A.M.B. heels. How could I say no to Gwen? Challenge accepted.

After dressing, I was whisked away by the hair and makeup artist. She asked how I’d feel about a pompadour. “Heck yes I want a pompadour!” … I really hoped I wouldn’t regret saying that. After much, much hair teasing and a very generous amount of hairspray, the look was complete.


It was pretty funny seeing everyone’s reactions. This is not my usual look. A few people told me they didn’t even recognize me.

After the band was finished getting all done up, we started filming. It was all pretty straightforward. “Walk through the door. Look up at the mannequin. Try it again, but walk more spaced out. Now look at the margarita blender. Look confused as to why there are mannequins playing beer pong.”

I will say, the hardest part for me was the very opening shot as the band walked across the street and toward the house. You see, I had to keep pace with the guys on a slight downhill while wearing the monster heels, and then step up onto the curb without looking down. A seemingly simple, yet terribly difficult task. So when you watch the video and see that opening sequence, know that all I am thinking is, don’t fall don’t fall don’t fall don’t fall!

When we were filming the main scene of us playing as a band in the backyard, we couldn’t stop cracking up at this one mannequin placed directly in front of us. Her boobs were disproportionately large, like twice the size of her head, and her bikini top kept slipping off to the side. So sassy! I looked for her in the video, but I don’t think she ever made the final cut. Too bad.

It was fun getting to share the set with Matthew Koma, the featured vocalist in the song. He’s a really nice and talented guy with a delightfully quirky sense of humor.


Overall the shoot was a breeze and we all had a really fun time. I feel lucky to have had the experience. If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out here!

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