Invisible Lines Are Everywhere

I want to talk a little bit about the meaning behind my EP, Invisible Lines. Each song explores a different aspect of the title. Like You Do is about how we sell ourselves short by putting boundaries on our own potential. Keep Pretending explores the blurry line distinguishing a crush from true feelings. The Feeling’s Gone is about drawing the line and choosing to walk away from someone or a situation that is demanding way too much of you. The namesake of the EP, though, is directly pulled from the lyrics of Ghosts. It’s about an eye opening encounter I had while out on a run.

It was two days before Christmas and I was on a fifteen mile training run in a city that was new to me. I started downtown, but then made my way out toward a more residential neighborhood. It wasn’t the nicest area; many of the apartment buildings and storefronts were in pretty bad shape. As I ran along I became acutely aware of how much I stuck out with my brightly colored tech apparel and brand new running shoes. As I was running along, a police officer pulled up next to me in his car, rolled down his window, and told me he could tell I was from out of town, because otherwise I wouldn’t be running there. He said it would be best if I turned around and stayed south of a particular street. My first reaction was to be defensive; he didn’t know me. Who was he to tell me where to run? It’s a free country. I also had this icky feeling of being swept away to my “respective quarter” based on a few general facts, however obvious. I recognize that he was looking out for my safety in what I would later learn was a crime-ridden neighborhood, but all the same I was irked by the “we stay here, you go there” mentality. I wanted to ignore him, be defiant, and show anyone watching that I saw no division and wasn’t afraid of venturing out of the upper class bubble of the city. But then again, what kind of message was I sending by flaunting my Nike shoes and fancy GPS watch while running through a neighborhood in which residents may barely have enough means to get by?

I made my way back to the area the police officer had shepherded me to. The homes were beautiful and people were out and about sipping lattes and walking their designer dogs. The contrast in lifestyle from just a few blocks over to the next was stark. I didn’t know how to feel. Helpless? Thankful? Ashamed? I grew up under the general impression that we live in a society where everything is fair and everyone is equal. We have laws that protect us. But really, we’ve become exceptionally good at believing what we want to be true while looking the other way. Injustice is everywhere if you allow yourself to see it.


I saw a man walk through the shadows
And I followed him ’cause I didn’t know any better
I was so sure in my revelation
That I’d lead the way with my petty little bout of courage

It took me far too long to figure how
Invisible lines have been long drawn out
Whose side are you on? Decide for yourself

I ventured on to be brave and bold and understanding
All I gained was the offer of an arm
And he said, “ooh, ooh”
What was I proving?
How could I even understand
I shied away without a shred of courage

It took me far too long to figure how
Invisible lines have been long drawn out
Whose side are you on? Decide for yourself

I didn’t even know just how
The lines had been long drawn out
They’re ghosts, you see
They carry on and on
How long?


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  1. I thank you for being able to express through music the pain I feel about discrimination in this country. Your insightfulness and talent is so admirable! Rachel’s Mom.

  2. Buenas,
    Tengo que гeconocer es lɑ primera ocasion que he llegado este blog
    ʏ debo decir que me resulta interesante ʏ creo que me
    veras mаѕ frecuentemente por estos lares.

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