Three Festivals, Three Coasts, Three Days

Last Friday I set out for a whirlwind weekend with the RAC live show. In three days, the band, crew, and I pinballed from Chicago to Seattle to NYC, performing at a musical festival in each city.

Photo by Athena Delene


8:04PM We arrive in Chicago and are whisked from O’Hare International to Hard Rock Hotel on Michigan Avenue, the official host hotel of North Coast Music Festival. We had planned on doing a runthrough of our set at the hotel (where they will send a guitar up to your room by request, by the way), but as we are all tired, hungry, and excited to be in Chicago, we hit the town instead.

View from Michigan Ave


9:15AM Relishing the last full night of sleep and last chance I’d get to run this weekend, I head out to the lake front to do a workout in preparation for the Berlin Marathon. For the running nerds/data geeks: my workout is 3 x 3 miles at goal marathon pace with 30 seconds rest between reps. I average 6:35 per mile and feel super!

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 12.17.24 PM
My Chicago running route!

1:01PM We get to that hotel room practice session we’ve been meaning to do. We take turns playing guitar and using keyboard apps and our voices to sub for instruments. Not the most “pro” rehearsal, but it’s fun and hilarious and gives us a good refresher before diving into the festival run.

“Band practice”

5:43PM Go-time for North Coast Festival! It is absolutely beautiful outside despite the stormy forecast, the crowd is awesome, and it’s so good to play again after our little summer hiatus. My favorite moment is the guy in the front row that jumping up and down and rocking out through literally the entire concert. Front row jumper guy, you’re the real MVP.

North Coast Festival, photo by Daniel Garcia / The Early Registration
North Coast Festival, photo by Daniel Garcia / The Early Registration


11:57AM We land in Seattle from Chicago and somehow maneuver our massive amount of gear outside to passenger pick up.

It's all a balancing act with Karl and Troupe.
It’s all a balancing act with Karl and Troupe.

12:34PM We drive to Seattle. It is a gorgeous day.

3:39PM We arrive at the Key Arena to load in and sound check. This will be our first-ever arena show!

5:40PM I meet up with friend and ace photographer Athena Delene to do a pre-show photo shoot up in the stadium seats. It’s all neon and gritty and magical.

Behind the scenes with Athena Delene

7:07PM It’s pouring outside and the arena is packed! These festival-goers may not have all heard of RAC before this moment, but I think they like us.


11:14PM We’re in it for the long haul as our red eye flight takes off from Seattle. Destination: New York City.


3:30PM We arrive at the festival grounds on Randall’s Island and are taken to a little artist oasis for some chill time before our set. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon after an overnight cross country flight!

5:43PM I meander out into the festival, which is heavily focused on EDM. There are DJ sets happening in every which direction.

6:10PM I catch Andre backstage with a Red Bull (he probably needs it).

6:11PM Andre gets photobombed.

7:00PM We take the stage as one of the few live acts at Electric Zoo. Our set is tailored with our most energetic and danceable songs and remixes (though probably tame by Electric Zoo standards, ha!) and the crowd loves it.

7:45PM I step off behind the stage after our set to get a breath of fresh air. The sun sets and the festival continues into the night. I walk to the river and it is totally calm and peaceful, the polar opposite of the mayhem behind me.

Meanwhile, the night is young at the main stage:

9:30PM We are back in the city and take part in my very favorite New York tradition, grabbing a late night slice. In this instance, we hit up Mariella’s on 3rd Avenue. It finally sinks in that we did it- the three coast, three show, three day trifecta!


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  1. […] What also makes me uncertain: When comparing my planned running schedule for this season to what actually went down, there were quite a few differences. I had aspirations of upping my weekly mileage in comparison to previous seasons, but in various shapes and forms, life got in the way. One day I fell hard while running out on the trails and went home limping and crying (and taking a few days off to take care of my hurt knee). Another week I got a terrible stomach bug and spent the night in the hospital. One weekend I simply had no way to run while on a festival run with my band (Three Coasts, Three Festivals, Three Days). […]

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