Tour Diary – Detroit, Columbus, Toronto


Hello from the road to Boston! I just finished night three of the first ever Pink Feathers tour and it’s been a dream.So far we played the Majestic Theatre in Detroit, Newport Music Hall in Columbus, and Danforth Music Hall in Toronto. I couldn’t have asked for better cities to kick everything off. First of all, all three venues were beautifully preserved historic theaters, and more importantly, I couldn’t have asked for kinder audiences. I appreciated so much that on each night, even as I was the very opening act, people began filling up toward the front of the room right away. Midwesterners and Canadians are not wallflowers and I love it!


The rest of the lineup on the tour includes filous from Vienna, Austria, Big Data from New York, and RAC from Portland. I would know about RAC, of course, because I’m part of that band too! It’s been a treat to be on the road with Percy of filous and his manager and brother Elias. Percy got his start in music by releasing bootleg remixes, which coincidentally is how André of RAC broke into the scene as well. His first ever show was at our first stop in Detroit as well, so it was a special night for both of us. You have to see his performance. I don’t think I’ve seen someone switch instruments so many times throughout one set. He’s like a modern version of Dick Van Dyke’s one-man band from Mary Poppins, but with the most beautiful mesmerizing music (and minus the Cockney accent). His remix of RAC’s 3AM premiered yesterday and is a great intro to his style. I also couldn’t be more stoked about being on the road with Big Data. Their show has everything- drama, choreography, insane visuals, and completely addictive music.

It’s one thing to perform as a touring musician as I do with RAC, but quite another to front a band performing my very own original music. With RAC I’m not usually thinking, “Hmm what can I say to the audience or tell them about this song?”, because though I’m singing and emoting all these amazing songs, I didn’t personally write them (with the exception of “Seventeen”). I want to be respectful of the original intent of the writers and do the songs justice. It’s like acting in a way, because I’m putting myself in someone else’s shoes. When we play the RAC remix of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Zero” I love channeling my inner Karen O and jumping all over the stage and throwing in little yelps and war cries. “3am” has the most heartbreaking lyrics about walking away from a broken relationship, and the whole while as I sing it I’m thinking, “oh how sad for this couple!” With Pink Feathers, I love being able to take ownership of the music in its entirety, from the overall style to the many vocal harmonies (my favorite thing, vocal layers for days!), and of course the lyrics and subjects of the songs themselves. Leading up to the tour I thought it might be a little scary to front my own band, but I’ve found over these first few nights that with Pink Feathers, I feel totally in my element. I love being able to share this little piece of me, and all the better when I peer into the audience and see everyone grooving right along with me.


Which brings me to this: I have to introduce my band. You must meet them. Not only are they exceptional artists and musicians, they learned an entire set of music with a bazillion words and harmonies on top of their instrumental parts which plays a huge role in making the set what it is. Some big influences for Pink Feathers are quartets and girl groups from the 50s/60s and campy Broadway musicals, so tons of harmonies are key! Plus, all of the music you hear is coming directly from us- no engineered background tracks or added production- so each member of the four-piece band is incredibly vital. I couldn’t have asked for a better crew. Without further adieu, meet the band!

From left to right: Jeff, me, Beth, Troupe

Jeffrey Brodsky, drums – Jeff is based in LA and makes groovy electronic jams you can check out here. He’s also working on scoring a feature film at the moment. I met Jeff in Portland while he was playing drums in his band YACHT. Our paths crossed again two years ago when we helped form the live RAC band. I knew we’d be friends when we found out that we’re both totally obsessed with the show Nashville.

www.jeffreybrodsky.comSoundCloud | Twitter – @jeffyjerusalem | Instagram – @jeffreybrodsky | Facebook

Beth Bombara, bass – Beth is an award winning folk/americana singer-songwriter based in St. Louis. We met in Greenville, Illinois where we both attended college. She collaborates and performs with her husband Kit Hamon (aka Stacey Winter), who is also on the road with us as sound engineer for RAC (and Pink Feathers out of the goodness of his heart). Beth has an amazing voice and you can listen to her entire album on SoundCloud. | SoundCloud | Twitter – @bethbombara | Instagram – @bethbombara | Facebook

Troupe Gammage, guitar – Troupe is the lead singer and one of the core members of the band SPEAK from Austin, Texas. We met at SXSW Music Festival in 2009. I knew from recordings he had a great voice, but hearing him live with SPEAK blew me away. Since then we’ve collaborated a couple times, first with RAC’s cover of Paul Simon’s “Under African Skies”, then on the Pink Feathers track “The Feeling’s Gone”. We’ve been touring together for over a year as he joined the live RAC band as a lead vocalist. SPEAK is currently working on a new record due out next year. | SoundCloud | Twitter – @hearSPEAKhere | Instagram – @hearSPEAKhere | Facebook

Remaining Pink Feathers tour dates:

NOV4 Boston, MA / Royale
NOV6 New York, NY / Webster Hall
NOV8 Brooklyn, NY / Warsaw
NOV9 Philadelphia, PA / Union Transfer
NOV10 Washington, DC / 9:30 Club
NOV11 Minneapolis, MN / Mill City Nights


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