Photo by Alexis Yurgin

Oh, where has the time gone? After almost two weeks and nine cities, tonight marks the final performance of the Pink Feathers debut tour. The tour as a whole has been a total dream come true. I’ve really enjoyed getting to share my music and meet so many sweet people along the way. Continue reading

I want to talk a little bit about the meaning behind my EP, Invisible Lines. Each song explores a different aspect of the title. Like You Do is about how we sell ourselves short by putting boundaries on our own potential. Keep Pretending explores the blurry line distinguishing a crush from true feelings. The Feeling’s Gone is about drawing the line and choosing to walk away from someone or a situation that is demanding way too much of you. The namesake of the EP, though, is directly pulled from the lyrics of Ghosts. It’s about an eye opening encounter I had while out on a run. Continue reading

This summer, I set out with photographer Jon Duenas and stylist Christine Shields to take some promo shots for the upcoming Pink Feathers EP. Christine helped me come with a look that was a sort of fun combination of old hollywood meets sixties mod. I love the way she made my hair look so romantic and wavy, while bringing a little fun and pop into the look with bold, pink lipstick. In her words, “Red can be SO serious.”

photo cred: Jon Duenas, hair/make up: Christine Shields
photo cred: Jon Duenas, hair/make up: Christine Shields

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Okay, no one actually said that. “Aaannnnd now!” was a little more like it. And so began the music video shoot for RAC’s Cheap Sunglasses.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 1.29.34 PM

Arriving on set was a bit bizarre. It was made to look like a scene in a house party, except it was filled with mannequins instead of real people. Stylists were bustling around, trying different outfits and wigs on each mannequin, while the camera and lighting crew set up tents, rails, and screens so that the light and camera angles would be just right. Continue reading